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A breath of fresh air and sage advice among the day’s programme!

Nicole Trimble - Deputy Principal, Cornish College 

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Jen’s understanding and ability to connect with such a diverse audience was apparent from the moment she stood on stage. Having such a incredible story and global understanding Jen provided a great insight to what it takes to lead a community. 

WIl Massara

CEO & Founder Youth Leadership Academy Australia

Jen's thinking and opens the mind to new ways of perceiving the world, the environment and our place in communities.

John Stewart - Principal, The Living School

I loved hearing about the trailblazing schools and the mindset needed to implement change. I felt inspired by the idea of our children learning about things that would be of value to them to help them succeed in life like states of flow. I was excited about the idea of innovative education, moving out of our outdated institutionalised education.

Dale Stevens

Principal Present with Presence

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